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Ultrasonic biodiesel

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High-power ultrasonic sound chemical treatment system consists of three parts of the ultrasonic vibration components and ultrasonic drive power and the reactor: the ultrasonic vibration components include high-power ultrasonic transducer, horn, tool head (fired head), and used to generate ultrasonic vibration, and vibration energy to the liquid emission. Transducer input electrical energy converted to mechanical energy, ie, ultrasound. Manifested in the transducer, in the longitudinal telescopic movement back and forth, the amplitude is generally a few microns. The amplitude of the power density is not enough, can not be used directly. Need the horn is designed to enlarge the amplitude of the isolation of the reaction solution and the transducer, but also played the role of the ultrasonic vibration system. Tool head connected with the horn, the horn vibration of the ultrasonic energy is passed to the tool head, and then ultrasonic energy emission to the chemical reactions in liquids by the tool head.


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